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Mithbav Tambaldeg Beach

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Shree Kunkeshwar Temple,Devgad

  Kunkeshwar temple  Situated in the Devgad taluk of the Sindhudurg district of Maharashtra , Kunkeshwar is one of the most beautiful  places that you can come across. Any place o is always very important for every one who is visiting it. what make it so very special is the location and the beauty of the place that it is situated in. In that regard, kunkeshwar is a delightful place to all its visitors.  A wonderful temple makes it very famous. To top it all the sea beach with its sparkling sand and the Arabian Sea that it opens up to makes this temple one of the most special places that you will ever see.This beautiful temple near beach has alluring architecture with reminiscent of South Indian style of temple architecture. Yadav Kings built this temple in 1100 A. D. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj who rejuvenated this temple many times was a frequent visitor to this temple. This temple is also famous as Kashi of South Konkan. Every year a huge celebration takes place on the occasion of Mahashivratri,called jattra which keeps religious beliefs in constant sight of the multitudes. During the festival a large number of devotees throng this place with their families and friends. This vigilant Shiva deity bestows blessings on everyone who surrenders to its feet. Other than the Shiva temple the other thing this little village is very famous for is Alphonsos. There are many mangroves that are nestled in the shores of the Arabian Sea and the great trees overlooking the emerald sea entices even the most discerning tourists. Complete the experience with some delicious Konkani food and your holiday is made.The Kunkeshwar temple is a classic example of Konkani sculpture and architecture and is an enchanting pilgrimage center is also known as ‘Dakshin Kashi. Built a thousand years ago, it still stands tall and makes the whole experience of this village absolutely complete.
   Every temple has an story kunkeshwar has story of irani sailor according to story the temple of Kunkeshwar was built many years back. Once a sailor traveling in the sea for trade came near the beach of Kunkeshwar. Suddenly a a havoc appeared in sea . The sailor was a Muslim .The ship seemed to sink in the sea. He saw a lamp on that beach .He prayed to that lamp "I don't know who you are. But if you will help me and stop the havoc I will build a temple for you". And his ship came to the seashore of Kunkeshwar without any problem. He built the temple as promised. The Shivlinga was already there. As the Sailor was a non-Hindu, he thought that his religion will not accept him. Therefore he committed suicide from the top of temple.but according to research such stories are spred to protect the temple from mughal sultans.
   On the eastern side of the temple has pandav times caves  The caves are with beautifully carved male and female warriors in black rock. With the presence of Ganesh idol along with Shiv-linga and Nandi in the center, this place is must see for every visitor 

How to Reach Kunkeshwar

  Nearest airports  Goa (Panajim)186 Kms .
International Airport Chatrapati Shivaji Mumbai 492 Kms.
Mumbai is nearly 510 km away.
Bus, Taxi facilities are available form Mumbai to Kunkeshwar.

  Nearest Railway station is :Kankvali (50 Km) nandgawn (44 km)  from Malvan  (54 Km)
From Railway station bus, auto are available.


  Mumbai-Kunkeshwar is 492 Km
Pune-Kunkeshwar is 387 Km
Kolhapur-Kunkeshwar is 160 Km

 Devgad is main taluka city 16 km from kunkeshwar and many buses from here Maharashtra state public transport buses are available from nearby cities like Belgaon, Panaji, Pune and Mumbai. private buses are also available from Mumbai to Kunkeshwar.

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Near by Places to visit:

Rameshwar Temple, Velgive, Devgad:  A very ancient temple since Mahabharata time has been carved in a single large stone. It has six stone pillars with Shivalinga in the center having cave-like architecture. It has been built by Pandavas in just one night.

Vijaydurg Fort: The oldest fort on Sindhudurg coast constructed in the regime of Raja Bhoj of shilahar dynasty in 1205 (construction period 1193-1205).

The Rameshwar Temple, Girye is 3 Km from the fort. This stone archway and pathway leading to the temple is a sight and behold. This temple also has beautiful wall paintings and wooden engravings on the columns.

Padavane Beach: A secluded beach near Devgad is a must for every visitor

Bhagavati Temple of Kotkamte: It’s 30 Km from Devgad.  Kanoji Angre has built this historical temple approximately 250 years ago.

Tambaldeg Beach: It’s 3 Km from Kunkeshwar temple. 

Saitvade Waterfall: (Padaghar Waterfall):  A magnificent waterfall flowing all the year round near Devgad is quite unknown for years. Visitors can enjoy swimming in the river formed by the gushing waterfall.

Devgad Jetty: After serving passengers since 1958 finally the service was shut down in 1988 due to non-profit. However it is used for fishing so visitors can get that unique experience as well as auctioning of fish. Central and State governments have taken interest in developing this safe jetty.

Brahmdev Temple, Korle

Bhalchandra Maharaj Ashram: Enjoy serene environment of the ashram of Shri Bhalchandra Maharaj in Kankavli.

Shri Kunkeshwar Temple Trust provides accommodation to their devotees in their beautifully constructed rooms called “Bhakta Nivas” at an affordable rate.

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